martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012


Julia Vasileva THE LIE

She was waiting for this meeting for five long months, since they had met by Internet. She was really charmed by him, dreaming about long romantic walking… 
- Hello, Steve!
- Hi, Mary, you are so beautiful… Will you help me?
She nodded and turned round his wheelchair towards the park…

REVENGE IS SWEET (Bruno Revenga)

May was a womanizer bee. One day, he was flitting from one flower to another. Suddenly, a clever woman tried to hit him but fortunately he escaped. The beehive plotted to sting her but she spread her house with honey and the bees died stuck. ‘Revenge is sweet’ she laughed.
Mónica Martínez Medina NEVER AGAIN

Robert was frustrated because his son never obeyed him. He always had to remind him to do his homework and to pick up the car toys of the bedroom. ‘Why is the car rolling by the ground? Robert left from his home urgently. He had forgotten to put the handbrake!

sidahmed mohamed THE LIE:

Mr. Kiwi went out like every morning to give his morning walk. When he came to the corner of the fruit shop, unfortunately he saw a poster that said: "missing kiwi"; the photo coincided with his aspect. Mr. Kiwi was really astonished. When he entered to ask for explanations, everyone started laughing. 


I thought that my honeymoon was going to be the most wonderful holiday that I had ever had. My mother in law paid us a romantic holiday in Venice; it would be fantastic. However, when we arrived there, my parents in law were there too. It was a surprise, how lucky I was! 
A HOLIDAY ROMANCE by Jeremy Espino

• Hello Peter, How was your vacation?
• Oh so good, this was the best vacation of my life, I met the ideal woman: pretty, intelligent and lovely, she is perfect.
• Oh I am glad for you.
• But there is a problem, I can´t either call her or look for her.
• why not?
• I met her in summer, It was only a holiday romance. This is the law.

Marina Trujillano NEVER AGAIN

I had been choking deservedly, so after long minutes picking my nose desperately, I squashed and pressed with my thumb and my forefinger (from my left hand) a gelatinous snot, an obstacle for my breathing; nevertheless, I did ont taste it at all, but I could finally breathe again.

viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012



Screege had always hated Christmas. The Spirit of Past and Present Christmas appeared and tried to make him change. But he still hated Christmas. However, when the Spirit of Future Christmas showed him the future, he quickly changed his mind. He bought shares of shopping malls. Now he loves Christmas.